Highest Resolution Camera Which is Up to 52 Mega Pixels

52 MP Camera With 16 Lenses

A US company named "Light" have introduced a breakthrough in camera resolution their new model L16 produces extraordinarily high-quality photos. Think: striking details, better colors, and significantly less noise. More than 52 megapixels gives you the creative freedom to zoom, crop, and enlarge to your heart’s content. 

The output for a single image will be from the 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm camera modules which are up to 16 individual camera modules that sets their output intelligently according the zoom, focus or color scheme we select. The whole camera module is as compact as mobile. They have skipped the current trend of large lenses and the size which needs a special bag and care. THis L16 can slide down to Our pocket with and we can take it anywhere.