Iraq Constructing Border Fence on Syria's western border

Iraq 's border security forces have started working on Syria 's western border on the Syrian border project. The aim of establishing this fence is to prevent extremism from across the border .

Ten days ago, the army has begun to lay a fence wire and establish a control tower in the area connected to the Syrian border , "said Alanbar Governance's Border Security Forces spokesman, Colonel Anwar Hamid Niyev. He said that 20 KM in the first phase Safety fence will be mounted in the meter area. The aim of this fence is to stop terrorists from entering Iraq 's terrority. Although Iraq has waged all the territories in the war against 'ISIS', Baghdad says that Iraq 's warriors in Syria and Iraq have long-term warriors. Are still hidden The vast region spread across the vast area between the two countries is known as a new habitat of ISIS fighters. The situation in the north-eastern city of Kirkuk and the peace situation in Kirkuk is not very good, and the extremists are doing abduction of people.