A Competition Between Chinese and Romans, Painting and Arts

China: Once the two groups from China and Rome challenged each other. The Chinese claimed that they are best and there is no equal to them in painting and art. The Romans claim that they are equally skilled and good in this art. Their those dialogues hyped and heard by the king of the time. King heard the two groups and said, "Well, I will take test of both of Your groups," test will decide which one of You is true in his claim. Both the groups accepted the offer given by the king. Both of these Groups decided in their place that they would be fantastic in the performance of their art. They were given houses in front of each other to show their skills. Roman decided to show their talent in a house, and Chinese will showcase its workmanship. Both showed themselves the essence of their own art and they were fascinated by decorating the house. The Chinese asked for variety of colors and shades from the king to show their art. The king provided all the goods. But the Romans did not ask for any color. The Chinese created master piece by using different colors. Roman just scratched and polished the walls and it started shining with hard work. The both show the essence of perfection when the time given was over the king came to declare the winner. The king entered the first Chinese house and was shocked to see Chinese-made art and perfection. Then he went to Rome. When the Romans picked up the curtains from their reflecting walls, the king was amazed. The mirrored walls showed the Chinese art in a different way, and the shiny ceiling and the walls were showing more pictures than the original. The king kept watching this scene for a long time, then said: "Romans have taken away the Chinese claim and Romans are the winners”.