Election Date in Pakistan 2018

Islamabad: The next general elections will be held on 25th of July, 2018 . President Mamnoon Hussain approved the date .

According to the details, the elections of the National Assembly and provincial assemblies in Pakistan will be on the same day, the President has approved the date on the sentiment of the Election Commission.

The Election Commission will announce the schedule of general elections after the approval of the President Mamnoon Hussain by the summary.

It is clear that the Election Commission had summoned the President for the general election date . The Election Commission has proposed the dates from 24th to 27th  July.

It should be remembered that the Election Commission of Pakistan decided to conduct general elections of 2018 under supervision of the lower court. The announcement of the Election Commission said that deployment of District Returning Officers in general elections of 2018 would be done with Judicial Officers of the Judiciary.

This announcement came only one day before the term of PML-N will end on May 31. According to the Election Commission, 86436 polling stations will be set up, 48667 in Punjab and 18,647 in Sindh.

In the federal administration tribal areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 14655 polling stations will be set up and 4,467 will be in Balochistan.

Election Commission prepares for general elections. The Election Commission of Pakistan took an initial estimate of spending on the general elections, according to which there is more than 20 billion dollars in the election .

The Election Commission has finalized election lists, according to which more than 10 million people will use the right vote.