French Law for Kids Early Education and Its Impact

France: According to the French law , education for children should start after six years of age, but since 1989 parents have legal right to admit their children to a pre-school after three-year-old.

French President Macron explained in his numerous posts on the social networking website's such as Twitter that it would be very beneficial for kids to stay in school at this age because children at this age learn speaking, play, and paint.

According to the Presidential Declaration, the aim of this move is to establish equality in French education system and provide opportunities of equality to people to educate French people living abroad and poor people as well.

The French President says that since the island of Corsica and other suburbs in France, do not admit their children to school like Paris-based children, so they want to eliminate unacceptable differences in the educational system.

It should be cleared that in France, the children start primary school at age of 2 years (52% of children) or at the age of 3 (about 100%). It is kept in practice that Children in school have 2 or 3 years of primary education . French children are kept in elementary education for more (approximately 900 hours, like Italy and Netherlands) as compared to other pre-European countries (less than 700 hours of Austria, Germany and Finland).