Vote of Minorities In Pakistan and Their Impact 2018

Population of Minorities in Pakistan 2018

Islamabad: The number of non-Muslim voters in Pakistan has reached 3.63 million in 2018 , while Hindus are the largest non-Muslim minority population, which is more than 1.77 million. According to official data, non-Muslim voters have increased by 30 percent in the last five years. He said that the number of voters from religious minorities reached 3.67 million in 2018 , out of which in 2013 elections 2.77 million voters was registered.

According to the report, the number of Hindus before the election of 2013 was 1.40 million, more than the collective number of minorities .

The number of Hindus is now 1.77 million. According to the data on the Election Commission's website, 59.2 million men and 46.7 million women will participate out of the 105 million population.

While the total number of non-Muslim Ahmadi voters is 167,505

Most of them live in Punjab, then Sindh and Islamabad. In 2013 the number was 115,966.

Most of 8,852 Sikh voters are settled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab

The number of Zoroastrian voters, voted 3,650 to 4,235 in 2013. Most of them are settled in Sindh. In 2011, a number of 1,452 Buddhist votes increased, which is 1,884. Most of them live in Sindh and Punjab