The Diet of Chinese People; The China Study

The perfect Diet After Research of Scientiest

China : In 1970, Chinese president was suffering from cancer. Chinese president told his treatment doctors to treat him later, but first find out what are the causes of cancer. The Chinese doctors were not able to satisfy their President in finding the causes of cancer. Chinese President asked International Institute of Health, Oxford University and the rest of all the American unions started finding out the reasons for the disease and finding ways to treat the disease. For 25 years, a team of Chinese and foreign doctors investigated and all the investigations were in a book which was written with title "The China Study " published in the U.S. in 2005. The team first searched the area in the world whose people are never sick and live for more than a hundred years. The valley Hunza, located in Kashmir, is also among those people where they don’t get sick until first sixty years of their life. After studying the food of the people from the valley of Hunza, the China Study Team discovered the reason for not getting ill and it was due to their food. One of the place was found in the United States, where every person has some major illness, they were ill with diseases such as kidney disease, Sugar, Ophthalmology, Blood Pressure and Cancer.

The China Study Team stopped the old diet of some test subjects from united states and helped them to follow the same diet as the people of Hunza valley. After following diet for six months like Hunza’s habitants, all their diseases were removed. Most of their diet is composed of vegetables, rugs and fruits, and they do not eat processed things at all. Large universities of the world, China , United States and Britain have taken 25 months to prove the benefits of this diet after six months.

Clinton's heart surgery was done four times in 2004, he had also lungs disease and suffered from heart disease again in 2010. In an interview to CNN channel, Bill Clinton told that he had followed the same diet as suggested in "The China Study " for only six months, and that have brought him back alive. He said I am alive, going to every school in the United States, I will tell the natural principle of staying healthy. Use natural food and avoid the processed food. (factory's).

In Quran God said, " Then let mankind look at his food - How We poured down water in torrents, Then We broke open the earth, splitting [it with sprouts], And caused to grow within it grain And grapes and herbage, And olive and palm trees And gardens of dense shrubbery And fruit and grass, [As] enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock."(Surat Abbas, verse 32-24)

Non-Muslim nations have achieved health in life by following the advantages of the Quran. In the Quran  after the crop grain, the things emphasized for eating are rigid vegetables and fruits, which can lead to a long and healthy life.