The Moses Trust on God and Pharaoh’s Death

Egypt: It is written in Torah that whenever a new torment broke, Pharaoh said to Moses , "Pray to your God , for removal of this torment and I will let the Israelites go with you." But when the prayer of Moses are listened by God , he breaks his promise. After some time the torment of God happens again as a result the children of Pharaoh died in one night, not only men, but also of animals as well except of those Israelites who followed Moses .

After that punishment Pharaoh finally realized that he was doing wrong with Moses it is written in Torah that Pharaoh called on Moses and Aaron on same night and said: "Get up and get out of my people, and the Lord you have said Worship and take your cow and bull and also ask for blessing upon me"

After that, Torah says that the children of Israel started packing to leave, but before leaving they bought silver vessels and precious clothes from Egyptians, Israelites left with all the precious, but when Pharaoh heard that the children of Israel had taken the wealth of the Egyptians, he felt disobeyed, betrayed and annoyed and commanded to gather soldier together, and he became their savior and begun the pursuit of Israel. They were not able to go too fast, Pharaoh and his people ride on horses and chariots, Israel did not even step down on the Sinai ground. The Pharaoh reached with all his army.

The Israelites became fearful because of slavery, when they saw the enemy near said to Musa: "The enemy came."

Musa said: "My Lord is with me, do not worry."

It was a delicate time for Israelites as they were unarmed and travelling with children, but Fir'aun (Pharaoh) came with his mighty force, but who could teach him, nothing can happen to those with whom God is. At the same time, order from Allah, came to Moses "Hit the sea with Your wooden wand" the divided into two parts and became a dry way in the midst of the sea, and both sides stand like two mountains standing in front of Moses . Moses took his nation with him and walked from center of divided ocean. They reached to the land of Sinai, which was beyond the sea, Pharaoh also entered with his army and thought Israelites cannot run now. But when he reached in the middle of sea it started dripping from both sides and sea started to join again while Pharaoh and his army was their and they started to sink. When he himself was drowned, he said: "I believe in God alone, on which the people of Israel have believed, and now they are obedient." In response God 's Word grew up: "Now, you have believed, even though many of the transgressions have already been done beforehand and you were among those who spread corruption, now it will be that we have your body to fish Keep signs and lessons for humans who will follow you in the world."

And God fulfilled the promise. Pharaoh had sunk with all his army and family but instead, the sea waves brought Pharaoh 's body to the ground. the Egyptians brought his body back and was buried according to law royal cemetery. Pharaoh body remained in its real shape with nothing broken and it is still a lesson for those who follow him.