The USA Diplomacy for Israel

USA : The USA have called an emergency meeting of the World Security Council. According to the American mission in the United Nations, this meeting will be held on Wednesday afternoon. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Heli said in a statement that "the recent attack from Gaza is the biggest action since 2014." Palestine hit mortar shells damaged urban areas, including children's nursery. "In the statement, the Security Council should express its distress, and this latest version of violence against innocent Israelis the response to the wave. The American woman ambassador stressed that the Palestinians Leadership should be accounted for giving permission of Gaza incident.

Remember that during the last few hours, 100 rockets were fired on the Gaza Strip from southern Israel . Israeli officials say airstrikes were carried out on Israeli targets in Gaza's Strip targets Hamas and Islamic jihad, border tunnels were also targeted in attacks which were used by Mujahedeen. Many Palestinians have been martyred in the military attacks, but superpower USA did not say a word against Israel .