Top Ten Highest Salary Paying Cities In the World 2018

Top Salary Paying Cities 2018

Germany: If You want to go abroad for job then below is the detail of Cities providing highest salaries to their employees.

The annual report released by Germany's "Deutsche Beck" has named the 10 cities of the world that provide highest salaries and financial benefits to their employees throughout the year.

The report states that in the city where employees' monthly salaries are more than US $3,000 are included in the list.

The ten cities also include the name of Dubai's UAE, where government employees are paid monthly at least US $3,3447. Dubai is also ahead of cities such as London, Singapore and Frankfurt.

The minimum monthly salary of employees in Zurich(Switzerland) is US $5,764. Zurich is first in the list of highest salary paying cities .

The city of California, San Francisco, where the average salary is US $4,974 is second on list.

New York is on third with the 4,115 US dollar salary.

US $3,914 is salary in Sydney a city of Australia, US $3,740 in Boston America, a city of Norway Oslo US $3,664, 3,650 USD in Chicago city of US, 3,462 USD in Copenhagen city of Denmark, 3,447 in Dubai and 3,389 US dollars in Frankfurt, Germany.