Wasim Akram Showing His Support for Imran Khan in Elections 2018

Lahore: Waseem Akram said in a video message that now it is time to change, for our young generation, this change is very important for the better future of our next generation. Since Pakistan is made, Pakistani people from the last 65 to 70 years has seen the political leaders from same parties, vote for Imran Khan . It is time to change.

Previously we have seen numerous of times that sportsmen mostly tweet/share videos in favor of Imran Khan because as a sportsman they are inspired by his courage and consistency in Pakistani politics.  One of the main time when mostly cricketers came out of blinds in politics was Panama Verdict after which we have seen a lot of tweets favoring Imran Khan .

Remember that this time Imran Khan 's position is being considered very strong. The main leaders of the big parties are also joining the PTI and it is always said. “In Pakistan elections are always won by horses”.