Turkish Government Dismissed More Then 18000 Employees

Turkish Government Have Dismissed More Then 18000 Employees

According to new reports from Turkish government , the authorities have terminated jobs of more than 18,000 government employees from various departments, and offices of twelve organizations, three newspapers, and a television channel offices across the country are also closed.

According to the decree published in the Turkish government official Sunday,8998 police officers and officials are dismissed out of total 18632 ex-employees. They have been dismissed from their jobs due to connection with terrorist organizations and groups are involved in national security activity activities. The dismissal have also effected armed forces, and 3077 soldiers of the Army, 1949 personnel of Air Airlines and 1126 personnel of Navy have been fired from the job. 1052 employees , semi-military forces of the Ministry of Justice and its affiliate 649 members and 192 coastal guards have also been given a dismissed . 199 teachers and 148 employees who have been dismissed from the army and various ministries.