Benefits of watermelon:

Benefits of watermelon:

A big piece of watermelon is a delicious and refreshing treat on a hot day!  I love watermelon and can easily eat a quarter of one in one sitting!

Watermelons are also packed with nutrition.  Yes, watermelon is 92% water but that other 8% is filled with good nutrition and amazing health benefits; so many benefits that we consider it a Powerfood.

Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit that's also good for you.

It contains only 46 calories per cup, but is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and many healthy plant compounds.

Here are the top 9 health benefits of eating watermelon .

1. Helps You Hydrate

Drinking water is an important way to keep your body hydrated.

However, eating foods that have a high water content can also help.

Interestingly, watermelon is 92% water 

2 Helps muscle and nerve function

Helps muscle and nerve function  being a very good source of potassium. Can ease inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis.

3. Contains Nutrients and Beneficial Plant Compounds

As far as fruits go, watermelon is one of the lowest in calories — only 46 calories per cup. That's lower than even "low-sugar" fruits such as berries.

4. Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer

Researchers have studied lycopene and other individual plant compounds in watermelon for their anti-cancer effects.

Although lycopene intake is linked to a lower risk of some types of cancer, the results are mixed. The strongest link so far seems to be between lycopene and cancers of the digestive system.

Here is complete short list about benfits of watermelon in daily life:

  • Excellent source of Vitamin C.
  • Very good source of Vitamin A.
  • Good source of potassium and magnesium.
  • Small amounts of most of the B Vitamins.
  • Trace amounts of Vitamin K and pantothenic acid.
  • Lots of trace amount minerals (copper, iron, manganese, selenium, and zinc)
  • Lycopene with over 6888 mcg read about all the benefits of this below.
  • Supplies 5% of the daily fibre.
  • Only 45 calories per cup so it is an ideal diet food with its high in energy.
  • Fat-free, well almost: 1 cup of diced watermelon has .23 grams of fat.
  • Only .02 grams of saturated fat in 1 cup of diced watermelon .
  • No cholesterol, caffeine or alcohol the list says which I find funny.
  • Low sodium 3 mg in 1 cup of diced watermelon .
  • There is even 1 gram of protein in 1 cup of diced watermelon .