NATO Is Ready to Support and Facilitate Kabul For Peace Talks With Afghan Taliban

The forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Afghanistan have denied reports of their commander's announcement on Monday that the US is ready to negotiate with the tehreek-e-talibaan.

American General John Nelson spoke to Afghan officials in Kandahar, during which Nelson says his country is "ready" to negotiate with the Taliban . This is a clear change in Washington's previous stance in which they said that the option of any peace process is in the hands of leadership of the Kabul government. General Nelson believes his comments related to negotiation are mis interpreted. He just repeated what is already said by US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo in June. The summary of Mike Pompeo's talk was that Washington's is ready for support of "potential peace talks " to "facilitate" and to "support". The said that America is not alternative of Afghan Government or its people".