Uber Banned by Turkish Government After Consistently Pressurized by Their Taxi Drivers

Istanbul: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said that the Uber taxi driver service is banned in Turkey, after the pressure of Istanbul taxi drivers , which are saying Uber is operating illegally and their services should be banned .

Turkey have about 17,400 taxi drivers , which are the fifth part of Turkey's population of 81 million people, and since 2014 Uber has emerged in the country, tension has increased. New regulations after the statement of the Tayyip Erdogan has been announced that the transportation license will be a strict check in current and coming weeks. The drivers which are registered with Uber , they will be sentenced to two years to infringe new rules.

Erdogan said that the business of Uber is over. It is no longer available.

"We have our taxi system. Uber has come here from Europe. It is used in Europe, I do not care about it. We will decide ourselves."