Nuclear Powers Number Game and Their Migration Towards New Nuclear Technology

Sweden: Pakistan and India always try to win each other in number games whether it’s their missile system, army, navy defense ships or sub marines they both try to top each other.

A recent report released on number of nuclear weapons and it showed that Pakistan is leading by at least 10 more nuclear weapons then India. Pakistan has 140 to 150 nuclear weapons and India has 130 to 140 nuclear weapons.

According to the stockholm International Peace Research Institute report, countries with power are reducing their nuclear weapons, but these countries are bringing innovation in their technology and are focusing on new technology . That the world needs a clear commitment to mitigate nuclear weapons.

Officials say that the US, Russia, England, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea have 14,665 nuclear weapons, out of which 3750 nuclear weapons were destroyed in the beginning of this year. China also have 280 nuclear weapons.