Elections in Pakistan will be Held Under the Supervision of Army Who are Waiting for a Go Command from Election Commission

Islamabad: GHQ has asked for polling scheme from the Election Commission planning to deploy the army for polling. According to the Defense Ministry, the request of deployment of 350,000 troops is still not received from the Election Commission . GHQ specifically requests details of Pakistan 's most sensitive polling stations, which will be under full control of military, the Election Commission will issue its order in a few days.

 The Supreme Court of Pakistan rejected Muslim League-N request from Election Commission and it has also decided to deploy the Army inside the polling stations as well. According to sources of the Election Commission , 2018 election will be monitored by the Military. Print and delivery of belt papers will also be under supervision of the army .

According to details, a high-level meeting under Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Raza was held in which four provincial chief secretaries and Inspector General Police also participated. Full proof security arrangements were made for the elections . The Election Commission says that the elections will be conducted in the supervision of the army and Rangers will also be provided.

In meeting a plan was prepared for security station of polling stations, staff, political leaders and public gatherings. The decision is made to ensure installation of CCTV cameras in sensitive polling stations, while planning for security of monitoring teams, was also planned.

On the most sensitive polling stations, three to four CCTV cameras will be installed while the provincial election commissioners also presented the report in front of the Election Commission . Sources said that sensitive measures will be taken on sensitive polling stations. Provincial governments have assured all possible cooperation, while the final list of sensitive polling stations has been sought from the provinces.