What Should be Emergency Response for a Snake Bite

In the case of snake bite , the amount of poison entering the human body may vary. The snake releases its venom while biting based on danger it feels. The spread of the venom can be determined on the basis of pain and anguish in the place where the snake poison has been transmitted.


·         Emergency assistance can be made possible immediately after snake bite . If you were not poisoned, you      would still have the risk of being affected by tetanus, which is a dangerous germ.

·         Avoid moving the body part where snake have bitten, so that the speed of poisoning is slow.

·         Make sure to look at the appearance of the snake because its shape will help the doctor to determine which snake have bit You and which medicine to use.

·         Remember the snake bite time so that the doctor can know how much time has passed.

·         Where the snake is cut, before swelling, remove ornaments or other items worn around that place.

·         Use Paracetamool if needed.

·         Do not try to hit the snake , so you will be in danger of going back.

·         Do not try to suck poison because it will be less beneficial, but it can be poisoned in your mouth.

·         Do not wrap bandage around the bite place. As a result, the circulation can be kept in place of blood circulation and can cause more tissue damage.

·         Depending on the nature of the snake depends on the severity of the nature and the poison.

·         Potentially blood can be tested so that problems related to poison can be detected.

·         In case of extreme disorder, anti-toxins are needed against the poison so that the effect of snake poison can be stopped.