Chinese Company Developed a Robot Specifically for Children

A Chinese company has developed a robot which is especially built to engage with child, e-g he can talk, teach child something during the gossip, he is named I Pal.

This is not a toy, but is relatively compatible with a large size child. Its height is 3½ feet. Weight is 27.5 Pounds. His eyes are equipped with cameras. You should not be in any misunderstanding. He can see you There are several microphones, sensors, and microprocessor installed inside it. He can observe the surroundings and walk on his four wheels. It can rotate, even dance. I Pal, talks to children . He listens to them. Moves his arms, head and neck in pitch style. It attracts them and when the children call him, he listens to them carefully and the talks according to situation. A 6-inch sized LCD screen is installed on the I Pal’s chest, which changes his features, and act according to settings.