The Glaciers in Antarctica are Melting Rapidly and Nearly Three Times Faster then 2011

USA: The snow glaciers in Antarctica are melting rapidly and three trillion tones of ice have been melted since 1992.

A research published by global team of skilled scientists, who participated to review the impact of Global warming on the extreme southern continent of this earth. Scientists says that since 1992 to 2011, in Antarctica Every year 76 billion tons of ice was melting . 219 billion tons of ice has been melting annually since 2012.

Says Araun Isabella, a Scientist of University of California who is part of this 88-member study team, says I think we need to be worried now. Because the speed of melting ice is far greater than we were expecting.

Andrew Shepherd, leader of the UK Leeds University Scientist and research drafting company, said that it is likely that the melting of Antarctica ICE only increases the surface water level by adding 16 cm. In general circumstances we do not expect the whole layer of ice to disappear, but what is happening here is no other way than global warming. South continents are effected by change in winds direction, which is due to global warming and global warming is due to burn coal, oil and natural gas.

University of Washington Scientist Eion Hogan says that as far as Antarctica 's western part is concerned, it has almost melted up to 70 percent. This is a process of destruction of Earth.

Eric Regent, a scientist of American space researcher and researcher, said that now we have a clear picture of what's going on in Antarctica . We are looking at these results as an alarming situation that indicates we are not acting according to situation of temperature growth. During this, they also reviewed the pictures obtained from the satellite to determine how much ice has been melted in Antarctica .