UAE Government Passed a Strict Law Against Fake and Illegal Messages

UAE : The United Arab Emirates passed the law against fake and illegal messages on the Whatsapp which is fine of one million Dirham, Ajman police has launched a crackdown against the falsehood and started calling a warning campaign. If a random person receives a call or message to be informed that you have won a prize in the United Arab Emirates or have got some opportunity to work, then the answer to this question would be positive, the recent periods of such messages within the Emirates It has happened, this growing trend of fraud forced Ajman's police to start an awareness campaign. According to the media reports, police have warned those who were nominated advertisements based on the announcements and fraudulent reports. According to the police, these activities are illegal, one year to three years imprisonment and two hundred and fifty thousand to one million Dirham can be charged for a crime. Most of these, the fraudulent show themselves an employ of a company using Whatsapp message. After this, people congratulate people for winning a Grand Prize by a telecommunication company or public supermarket shops, or these people extract personal information from the people in the name of a big survey. For example, user IDs, passwords and credit card numbers etc. However, for people in the United Arab Emirates awareness campaign has been launched and it should also be launched other countries where fraud through message or call is increasing.