Yahoo Messenger in Going To be Offline by July 17,2018

Yahoo announced that they are going to end their 'Yahoo! Messenger ' services. Introduced in 1998, the Messenger application is one of the world's first instant messaging application, which is going to end in 2018.

Yahoo also closed chat room features from Yahoo Messenger in 2012, now this application will be completely closed in next month, Yahoo confirmed in one of its statements that 'Yahoo Messenger ' after July 17, 2018 will be off line.

The Yahoo representative said that the company will not be able to retain its leading application for the next month, for which it is sorry to its emotional customers. Similarly, the company also facilitates its customers to download their chat of last six months. Yahoo , in his statement, suggested that users use the new messaging application instead of 'Yahoo Messenger '. Yahoo advised its customers to use their new messaging application, called 'Squirrel', which will be online after July 17, before Yahoo Messenger , Yahoo’s other popular messaging applications 'AOL' was shut down in 2017 and 'MSN' has been closed in 2014.

This new application was under beta testing from the month of May. It is hoped that soon it will be released for public.