Biography of Imran khan.(Imran Khan biography)

Biography of Imran khan.(Imran Khan biography)

Imran Khan  is a Pakistani politician, former first-class cricketer and politician who leads the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and also a member of the National Assembly.Before he start his career in politics ,he is a great cricketer and captain of pakistani cricket team who win world cup of 1992 for pakistan.

Imran Khan was born to a niazi pathan family in Lahore, Punjab, in 1952 and started his  education at Aitchison, Worcester, and later at Keble College, Oxford.His father name is Ikramullah Khan Niazi.HIs father is civil engineer by profession.His mother name is Shaukat Khanum.later after the death of his mother due to cancer Imran khan build the cancer hospital in pakistan named Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.A quiet and shy boy in his youth, Khan grew up with his four sisters in relatively affluent (upper middle-class) circumstances and received a privileged education.    One of the most noteable thing is that Imran Khan started playing cricket at the age of 13. Initially playing for his college and later for the Worcestershire Cricket Club, he made his debut for Pakistan at the age of 18 during the 1971 English series at Birmingham. After graduating from Oxford, Khan joined Pakistan's national cricket team in 1976, and played until 1992. The main service of imran khan to the nation is his efforts in winning 1992 world cup for pakistan.For this reason imran khan is always remembered in the history of cricket.

In April 1996, Imran Khan founded the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  meaning of tehreek insaf is : Pakistan Movement for Justice  . Imran Khan contested for a seat in the National Assembly in October 2002 and served as an opposition member from Mianwali until 2007. He was again elected to the parliament in the 2013 elections, when his party emerged as the second largest in the country by popular vote.And this time his party will make government in Khyberpakhtoonkhawa province of pakistan.Imran khan is one of the most emerging personality amon muslim ummah.

On 16 May 1995,Imran Khan married Jemima Goldsmith.He have two child from Jemima.On 22 June 2004, it was announced that the couple had divorced, ending the nine-year marriage because it was "difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan".

In January 2015, Khan married British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan in a private Nikah ceremony at his residence in Islamabad.  On 22 October, they announced their intention to file for divorce.

In mid-2016, late 2017 and early 2018, reports emerged that Khan had married his spiritual advisor Bushra Manika. 

Imran Khan was captain of the Pakistan national cricket team on three occasions: 1982 – 1983; 1985 – 1987; and 1989 – 1992.In 1992, Khan 's team won the Cricket World Cup. This is the only time the Pakistan team has won this competition. For this achievement, Khan received the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, the second highest civilian award and honour bestowed by the Government of Pakistan. In 1983, he received the president's Pride of Performance award.Imran Khan was described by the BBC as, "One of the finest fast bowlers cricket has ever seen."

 Currently, besides running his own political party, Khan is also a charity worker and cricket commentator. He made his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf(PTI). He made a cancer hospital, Shaukat Khanum, in memory of his mother who also died of cancer.