PTI Representatives From Karachi For General Elections 2018

Karachi : PTI released its list of Candidates from Karachi for National Assembly. These candidates are going to represent PTI in general elections of 2018.

NA-239 Korangi Karachi-I: Muhammad Akram

NA-241 Korangi Karachi-III: Faheem Khan

NA-242 Karachi East-I: Saif ur Rehman

NA-243 Karachi East-II: Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi

NA-244 Karachi East-III: Sayed Ali Haider Zaidi

NA-245 Karachi East-IV:Amir Hussain

NA-246 Karachi South-I: Abdul Shakoor Shad

NA-247 Karachi South-II: Dr. Arif Alvi

NA-248 Karachi West-I: Sardar Aziz

NA-249 Karachi West-II: Faisal Vavda

NA-250 Karachi West-III: Atta Ullah

NA-251 Karachi West-IV: Muhammad Aslam

NA-252 Karachi West-V: Aftab Jahengir

NA-253 Karachi Central-I: Muhammad Ashraf Jabbar

NA-254 Karachi Central-II: Muhammad Aslam Khan

NA-255 Karachi Central-III: Muhammad Baki Molvi

NA-256 Karachi Central-IV: Muhammad Najeeb Haroon