Donald Trump's Policy For Immigrants

In a new breakthrough related to Immigration in America, President Donald Trump has demanded that the immigrants should be sent back to their own countries immediately without referring to the court.

Trump in his 3-tweets demanded that the US faces refugees inflow at high rates. He said current immigration policies are security risk and emphasized on the Democrats that they should cooperate with the reform of recent laws. According to the Trump , the majority of children coming are without their families. He also tweeted that.  Our immigration policy is a joke in the world. It is unfair for all those people who go through legal system where they are waiting for their turn for many years.

The US President issued an order on Wednesday, under which the illegal families in the United States will not be separated, but children will be kept in concentration centers with parents.

Trump also said that he does not like to see families getting separated. However, the Trump clarified that the policy of not accepting refugees, crossing border illegally will not be terminated.