Impaling culture in Thailand.

Impaling culture of Thailand.

Impalement, as a method of execution and also torture, is the penetration of a human by an object such as a stake, pole, spear, or hook, often by complete or partial perforation of the torso. It was used particularly in response to "crimes against the state" and regarded across a number of cultures as a very harsh form of capital punishment and recorded in myth and art. Impalement was also used during wartime to suppress rebellion, punish traitors or collaborators, and as a punishment for breaches of military discipline.

If you have ever want to visit Thailand then you should go to the vegeterian festival that is celeberated in Phucket town of Thailand .This culture may be very strange for you but believe me its the culture so don't be panic and just relax if you watch something strange there.This vegetarian festival is a nine-day period in October that celebrates the abstinence from meat during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar.People walk arround the town with many needles,knifes,swords and needles peneterated in their whole body,According to them god appeared in them and saved them from evil and bad luck.