Panama Paper Leaks 2018

New Panama Paper Leaks are Disclosed Includes Najib Razak Brother, Lionel Messi, Amitabh Bahan and Many More

The new document released by the name of the Panama papers includes several actors, players and political leaders. The new Panama Leaks have came out of blinds and it includes the name of many famous personalities around the globe. The family of the Argentine president is also the owner of the private companies. The Kazakhstan President's daughter is also a owner of company in British Virgin Island.

Najib Razak, who is facing an investigation on the charges of corruption, his brother's name is also included in Panama Papers, Najib Razak have an on going investigation of $ 30 million corruption. Argentine's star footballer, Lionel Messi is also in Panama papers, Mega Prize star owner. Actor Amitabh Bachan is also suspected as he was called as a director by two off shore companies in a notice given to him by them.