New Report Released on Plastic Waste in Sea Showing it Biggest Thread to the Environment

The UN has emphasized on the pollution of plastic on global pollution of the environment. The global organization has said that plastic is one of the world's biggest threats to the environment.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres said in a speech that our world is filled with plastic crust, the small parts of

plastic in the oceans is equal to stars in our galaxy.

He said that from the far-reaching island to Atlantic, there is no such place that have survived from plastic wastes. If this trend continues, number of plastic parts will be more than fishes by 2050.

The report states that according to some estimates, 5 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide.

Accepting this aspect, controlling the plastic waste is different for every country, in the United Nations report it has suggested that policy makers can make 10 globally recognized measures in which recycle able plastic use is environment friendly alternatives and it is often used to be repeatedly used instead of one time used plastic .

The ocean protection institute says that every year, 8 Million metric tonnes of plastic crude goes into the oceans around the world.

The report states that China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are those countries who are throwing more plastic waste then the rest of the world.

A plastic-based research team says it's not just Asia's problem. The United States also produces 6 million tonnes of plastic every year, only 10% of that plastic is recycled.