Pakistan Added in Grey List June 2018

Pakistan Stance on Being Added to Grey List

According to media reports, the spokesman for the Foreign Office, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, said that in February it was said that Pakistan would be put into a gray list, by June 2018 if their performance doesn't get better. Pakistan can remove itself from grey list , if their performance gets better. Spokesperson of the office foreign, Dr Mohammad Faisal in his weekly meeting has confirmed that Pakistan is included in gray list.

Pakistan and FATF are talking related to action plan. The action plan will ensure to be followed while remaining in gray list. He also said earlier we performed better and brought Ourself out of gray list. Pakistan supports reconciliation and peace initiatives in Afghanistan. Pakistan is fully cooperating with the Afghan reconciliation process. Advisor National Security resignation will not affect Pakistan 's Afghan talks. He said that the Afghan Taliban must accept the offer of seize fire. Mullah Fazlullah death is a major breakthrough against terrorism. United Nation should investigate Indian aggression in the Kashmir. According to the demands of the Indian-occupied Kashmiris, the political solution should be brought up.