Prince William Meeting With Mahmoud Abbas

Prince William Visit of Palestine and Meeting With Mahmoud Abbas

Prince William during his first ever official visit to Israel have also visited several sacred places, including the Masjid Aqsa and the occupied Jerusalem .

Prince Prince William visited the Palestinian Refugee camp in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday. Earlier, he expressed his hope during meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that may the peace in the Middle East be established.

According to the official news agency WAFA, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Sunday that Palestinians are serious for peace with Israel but both the states can live with peace and stability according to border distribution decided on June 4, 1967.

"Mahmoud Abbas on the occasion of meeting with "Prince of Peace" in the presidential headquarters in Ram-e-Allahullah. "We have not been able to change this peace." We want to reach peace through dialogue. We believe that the British prince visit to Palestine will strengthen the friendship between the two regions. We need the support of the British people for the solution of our problems. "

The Palestinian President recently said that the British government has recently supported the "Support Agency" Orthopedic. This agency is active in helping the refugees in the Palestinian territories.

The British Prince 's Grandfather thanked President Mahmoud Abbas on warm welcome.