Stephanie Wilkinson Resigns After Criticized by Trump and His Supporters

Sarah Senders Kicked Out of Restaurant, Resulted in Resignation of Co Owner Shephanie

"Red Hen" restaurant co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson has resigned from the ownership of Red hen restaurant in the US state of Virginia Lexington, Virginia.

According to media reports, the Stephanie Wilkinson came to the decision of resignation after the US President Donald Trump tweeted and criticized her and the Red Hen restaurant on Monday. Prior to this, Stephen had kicked White House's spokesperson Sarah Sanders and his family because of the fact that they work for the Trump Administration.

The supporters of Republicans and Trump recorded a protest in front of the restaurant after Sarah Senders's incident.

Talking to American newspaper "Washington Post", resigned co-owner Stephen said, "I am not pressed against competition. I have a job and I want them to prosper. But in our democracy It also comes when citizens have to make unsatisfactory decisions to protect their morality. "

Donald Trump commented on Red Han restaurant in his tweet it is "dirty" inside and outside.