Habits of Successful and Intelligent People

How Successful People Spend Their Lives

  1. The first sign is that they think too much before taking decision but once they decide anything they stick to it and make they decision right. The person who thinks a lot and stays in his own world are very intelligent and they mostly get what they want. Albert Einstein once said about the importance of thinking that if I have to save the entire world in just one hour, I'll make sure to think for 55 minutes and act only five minutes.
  2. Successful and intelligent people wake up early morning. It is mostly seen they least wake up by seven o'clock. Ernest Hemingway was a very famous poet, he wake up early morning and wrote his poems as early as 6 o'clock.
  3. History is witness that successful people take care of their health and they take time for them self to work on their body and mind.  
  4. An intelligent successful man can only use his mind consciously till he believes that there will be no disruption in any of his work. These people usually follow the same routine daily. They need mental satisfaction that they have full control over their lives.
  5. These people always used to write about their daily routine and what they think or what idea came to their mind. Mozart and DaVinci used to have their personal directories and in which they draw diagrams and write about world changing ideas. 'Agatha Christi' was found only for a typewriter, she could sat down anywhere and write. Today we study her writings in our curriculum.
  6. The biggest difference in any common human and successful man is their mental illusion. Related to their job, the common man closes his job when his brain gets caught or gives his creative ability, but a genius and successful man leaves the work in the middle with an idea. Mozart used to hear music for twelve hours at a time and was barely sleeping six hours of day.
  7. It is very important for successful people that individual thinking freedom stay with them they want to spend their lives in their own way and are usually accustomed to it. Successful people people are mostly very comrade. The world and its acceptance for them are not so important. They differ very much from the people 's talk. They get their small goals easily and, like the rest of the people , do not think by same approach and procedure as it was done by the world. They can see far ahead scenes and the procedure is not important for them.