What is The Best Way of Smiling

How to Smile According to Research

According to the University of Minnesota, it is the most smarter to avoid keep showing too much teeth and opening a lot of lips. 

During this research , 802 volunteers were tested to bring many types of smiles on 3 d-technology made from computer.

Each impression was replaced by different angles of the mouth, the eye and the lips, and then the people were told to give different smiles,and then smile was differentiated by real, pleasant, and other factors.

The results showed that the most appreciated and liked smile contained an ideal balance between teeth , mouth angles and others.

Smile is also considered to be a positive reaction if teeth are not shown.

Laughing open mouth is much worse than that, it is said to be the worst, and according to researchers it is a sign of social unlikeness.

This research was published in the Public Library of Science One.