Information about Pakistan Army

Information about Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army:

Pakistan army is one of the best army around the world.Pakistan Army    is the land-based force of the Pakistan Armed Forces.It is one of the most experienced and brave army around the globe due to its various wonderful achievement which does not achieved by the armies of large countries including America,Russia,India and United Kingdom.Pakistan army plays an important role in war against the internal and external  terrorism .Pakistan army sacrifices their lives to protect their country against the internal and external challenges.The primary objective and its constitutional mission is to ensure the national security and national unity of Pakistan by defending it against external aggression or threat of war, and internal threat by maintaining peace and security within its land borders by requisitioning it by the government to cope with internal threats.

 The Pakistan Army has a regimental system but is operationally and geographically divided into command zones, with basic field of being the corps.

The President of Pakistan is the civilian supreme commander of the Pakistan Armed Forces by statute. The Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), a four-star general, is the highest general officer (unless the four-star general is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee), a field and operational commander as well as a highest Army four-star general officer, directs the non-combat and combatant operations from army combatant headquarters in Rawalpindi. The Principal Staff Officers (PSO) assisting him in his duties at the Lieutenant-Generallevel include a Chief of General Staff (CGS), under whom the Military Operations and Intelligence Directorates function; the Chief of Logistics Staff (CLS); the Adjutant General (AG); the Quarter-Master General (QMG); the Inspector General of Training and Evaluation (IGT and E); the Military Secretary (MS); and the Engineer-in-Chief, a top Army topographer. A major reorganization in GHQ was done in September 2008 under General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, when two new PSO positions were introduced: the Inspector General Arms and the Inspector General Communications and IT, thus raising the number of PSO's to eight.

The headquarters function also includes the Judge Advocate General (JAG), and the Comptroller of Civilian Personnel, the Engineer-in-Chief of the Corps of Engineers who is also head of Military Engineering Service (MES), all of them also report to the Chief of the Army Staff.

Here is the list of some important information about Pakistan army :


Founded:14th August 1947



Headquarter:General headquarters Rawalpindi also known as GHQ.

Motto:A follower of none but God, the fear of God, struggle for God (إِيمَان, تقوى, في سبيل الله)

Size:560000 active troops

Famous Day:Defence day, 6th September

Famous wars:1947 Indo-Pakistan War,1965 Indo-Pakistan War, 1971 Indo-Pakistan War,Siachen conflict,Kargil War

Chief of Army Staff:General Qamar Javed Bajwa

Chief of General Staff:Lieutenant-General Bilal Akbar