List of Top Weird and Strange Cultures around the World

Here is the list of some top weird and strange cultures that exist till date around the  globe. The Crocodile Men: The young man show their strength in a different way in the different parts of world.But there is something most weird in the Papua New Guinea named Kaningara ,Its the most painful way foe young men to shoe their ...

PTI Representatives From Karachi For General Elections 2018

Karachi: PTI released its list of Candidates from Karachi for National Assembly. These candidates are going to represent PTI in general elections of 2018. NA-239 Korangi Karachi-I: Muhammad Akram NA-241 Korangi Karachi-III: Faheem Khan NA-242 Karachi East-I: Saif ur Rehman NA-243 Karachi East-II: Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi NA-244 Karachi ...